Thursday, February 11

Lee McQueen


Rest In Peace.

It's a sad sad day in the fashion world. One of the top designers in the industry, Alexander McQueen, was reported dead at the age of 40 this morning. McQueen committed suicide just hours before his New York Fashion Week runway show (the show has been cancelled). McQueen was a huge inspiration to all. His designs were unique, beautiful, dramatic, and always avant-garde. We hope he rests in peace, and know his legend will live on. All our love to his family and friends.

Forever Fabulous... RIP.

Friday, February 5


So, they've known... now what do I need to do to KNOW EARLIER? I think I'm going to check my order status every 20 minutes. Bloggers say hello to Grey Ant's Status Sunglasses. No words needed and big thank you thank you to Rumi Neely for showcasing them so wonderfully!



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