Wednesday, March 31

One and two/Three and four/Come through/Kaleidoscope

Obsessed with all the metallics that have infiltrated the runways. Also... how great are the paint on gloves?? I'd love to see more body art on the runways! (Below: Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Rodarte.)


My new favorite photos. I won't say anymore.


Wednesday, March 24

Don't touch my TUSH ;)

Thank you Tush Magazine. Somehow I just stumbled onto these photos posted a month ago. I really can't put a finger on my favorite part of this spread... can you? I'm torn between the bad-ass editorial title, and that viciously hot nail shoe. Drool...

On another note: Hey there warm weather, I'm enjoying our rendezvous :)
Love, Abigail

Wednesday, March 10

you can't dress trashy till ya spend a lot of $$

Alright - I'm creating a new fashion orgasm. Grunge had its limelight, Military too, but now I'm mixing them both to create RAMBO. The name's harsh, but it's dead on. What's better than conveying to others "Yeah, don't mess with me." I'm feverishly obsessed with the last photo! Full-throttle headband and bullet belt, but you can't half-ass it!

Comon... try it ;)

Monday, March 8

an ode to the SOCK

A few more drool worthy pictures of Wang's version of a shin-guard sock. Bless Alexander for giving us such simple comfortable designs that anyone can imitate. Tomorrow I'm heading out for some knee-highs, elastic, and fabric glue! I haven't DIYed in a while... what a perfecto opportunity!!!


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