Sunday, July 25

on y va!

Beautiful evening in Cannes and along the Croisette. Funny how many french boys turned and talked about Sarah's tee-shirt :) Fallen back in lust with Zara - great shoes at the moment! What a sweet optimistic name for a boutique... happy happy happy.

Dress: Zara
Platforms: Zara
Tee: Forever 21
Bag: H&M
Hats: Thrifted
Hater-blockers: Ray-Ban


Wednesday, July 21

i have five clocks in my life

This past weekend I took the hour long subway ride out to Coney Island with some friends to go to the Siren Music Festival. The day/night was filled with freaks, tats, and Matt and Kim lovers- which was so great, except right when we got there Scott's camera died.. so all I had was a flipcam, and some older pics I found of this top! I hope you all enjoy the video that we threw together in an attempt to document the excursion :)

The top pic. is me and one of our bests, Emma (who's closet is so drool-worthy) at a rooftop Soirée in SoHo. The view was so beautiful.. perfect for a New York sunset!

The rest of this week will consist of attempting to figure out some outfits to pack for a weekend away in the Hamptons, and waiting for my new Rebecca Minkoff wallet to arrive YAY! can't wait to show you all!!


Top: G.F. Ferré
Shorts: Vintage
Bag: H&M
(on Emma)
skirt: American Apparel

and only one has the time right..

Monday, July 19

Mes chaussures

Okay, first off ignore my messy floor. I wanted to showcase my cute Dorothy Perkins pumps! Purchased recently in England (but they ship to the US.) I'm desperately working on my tan... I'm determined to get the darkest I've ever been this summer. I've also been drawn to whites and browns for like the first time ever. Once you live on the French Riviera you realize there are colors other than black. (Scary though, it's like I'm cheating haha!) Bisous*



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