Monday, August 30

Sunday, August 29

Knuckle Punch

One of our favorite things about blog surfing is searching for the best jewelry. This year we just can't get enough of the weapon-esque heavy metals, spikes, and precious gems. The latest and greatest are the layered knuckle rings that bend (looks gifted straight from a knight in shining armor!) These photos came from our "Fashionspiration" folder... our archive of blog favorites! What's your favorite style of jewelry?


Friday, August 27

Happy Birthday Tom Ford

(Photo from

Happy birthday to one of our favorite designers, Tom Ford! (Absolutely lust the eyewear photos of Freja Beha.)


Thursday, August 26

CC everywhere.

Recently welcomed new members of the WanderLust Beauty Collection. Say hello to the Chanel Babies (blush, gloss, lipstick, foundation, and smokey-eye!) A refreshing new stash for the make-up case.

Update: Just had a delicious Vietnamese lunch in the village with Micah Jesse, and off to walk in a benefit runway show :-)


Saturday, August 21


Patiently waiting... okay no desperately waiting for the "final products" of the Chanel Fall/Winter campaign. Ever since we had a glimpse of the making of the photo shoot, we've been eager for all the September Issues to take the world by storm. The last one page spread (pictured above) was featured in Vogue Paris. Waiting for every ad so we can carefully tear them out and save them forever. Karl can pick and choose any model he wants, and Freja Beha Erichsen and Abbey Lee Kershaw were the absolute perfect decision.

Three days left until the two of us reunite in New York!


Tuesday, August 3

WanderLust Closet

Hello all!

Great news.. WanderLust Closet is finally here! If you like what we wear in our posts, check out our closet for some of our designer digs. (Simply click on our banner over on the right, and it will take you right there!) If you see anything you like in our posts.. shoot us an e-mail and we'll let you know if it's going to be in the closet anytime soon!!


Sunday, August 1

Miss Nothing

Rich with rocker tendencies, Taylor Momsen wows us every time. Hollywood's no fun without a bad-ass rock and roll chick, and she kills it. Love or hate her intense style and make-up, she can turn heads! Drop dead gorgeous... could this video have sicker jewelry? Decked out in metals, spikes, and flowers. Always fantastically vicious.

Watch the video here!

Bonne nuit,


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