Tuesday, September 28

Dolce & Gabbana... what you may not know!

An intriguing glimpse of the life, business, and relationship of Domenico Dolce and Stephano Gabbana. Worth the watch - check it out!


Tuesday, September 21

Interview with H&M's Tony Everett

Are there any specific celebrities that wear your clothes that represent H&M?
Tony: At this very moment it’s probably a toss up between Kelly Osbourne and the Kardashians. It goes back and forth because so many people come in and actually independently shop. Everyone from Kirsten Dunst to Katie Holmes. Most of it is done out in LA. I think it also depends on what trend we have that’s really hot. Just recently Eva Mendez was wearing one of our high-waisted skirts. Kelly Osbourne wore this leopard print dress. Beyonce and her sister live above one of our stores, so they’re in that store quite often.

You guys get the best models in the industry! 

Tony: Our holiday campaign is really awesome. It’s packed with a lot of people. I think this holiday campaign will be a little tricky. I’m just curious on how it’s going to be perceived. It’s really really cool. It’s not super creative, it’s just a different way of doing things. No one really does it like this anymore, or has done it.

Is there anyone you would personally want to work with?
Tony: Yes, but he passed. McQueen is by far my favorite. I like McQueen. I like Tom Ford. I like designers that can do both like Michael Kors. Someone that can work on both sides. I’d say our biggest collaboration both for men and women was Viktor & Rolf. I’d like to see a collaboration that’s strong for both men and women.

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Monday, September 13

Marc Jacobs LIVE

Watch the Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 show live HERE!

Marc Jacobs Collection September 13 - 8pm EST
Marc by Marc Jacobs September 14 - 4pm EST


Thursday, September 9

Blogger Spotlight!

(Image from IFB)

We want to thank everyone so much for nominating us for the IFB blogger spotlight! We are so honored to have been chosen! You can check out the spotlight feature here! Hope to see you all at Evolving Influence, let us know if you'll be there!


Wednesday, September 1

The New Matte Black

A change is upon us... the avid consumers of all things shiny black are starting to think twice. A new color of luxury is on the verge of taking the fashion world by storm. Meet "Matte Black." Covering elite cars such as Bentleys and Ferraris, this Batman-esque paint job translates fabulously into high-fashion. We are starting to see black on watches and accessories, and now anxiously waiting for it to make its way into everyday style! Will you wear matte black?



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