Wednesday, April 13

Katie Gallagher

We were so excited when we found someone just as obsessed with halloween and black as we were, so of course we had to get inside her head! We were so excited the first time we saw her collection at Milk studios this past fashion week. She's quickly made her way onto our favorite designers list!

Do you start all your designs, or each collection by painting a picture?

Sometimes. Not always. I do always draw first, and try to make up a little universe.

Are there any other ways you draw inspiration?

The people around me, the places I go and the things I see; I usually just focus in on an idea early on in the season, and run with it -- it's always open, and my tastes are specific enough that it's always something that's mine.

Both your collection and your personal style seem to be almost completely monochromatic. If you had to pick a color to throw into your wardrobe (besides white or black) what would it be?

I like to do all white sometimes as well as all black but, it terms of a true color, my favorite is red.

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Friday, April 1

Nicole by OPI

(Image from Nicole by OPI

We're so excited to be featured on Nicole by OPI! The love is mutual :) Check out their page and tell us what's your favorite lacquer?