Thursday, July 21

Blue Jean Baby

Eat, Sleep, Denim featured us for the WanderLust take on denim. Our motto: stud it, rip it, or dip it. Check out our little interview, and know how hard it was to not include this joke... "What's Super Mario's favorite pair of pants? Denim, denim, denim." (Get it?) How do you wear your denim?


Sunday, July 17

Gettin' Lucky

(Photography by Tom Mendes)

As promised, here are the final images from our Lucky Magazine dress shoot! We had way too much fun prancing around Tom Mendes' incredible studio space as he snapped shots of us covered in Lucky. A special thanks to our designer/intern for creating such avant-garde DIY masterpieces! With her talent, and our obsession with Home Depot products, we can promise you some real Project Runway style creativity :)


Dresses: Tricia Padich
Black pumps: Aldo

Friday, July 15

The Nightmare before WanderLust

(Illustration by Cornilius)

We had such an incredible time in Chicago styling for Playboy's Fall/Winter 2012 campaign these past few days!! After bonding with one of our styling assistants over our love and obsession with anything and everything Tim Burton, he surprised us with this incredible illustration! We're lusting his attention to detail... the fishnets, the mullet dress, mega rings, spider and cross necklaces, and especially the signature bunny ears :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carnilius for the amazing gift, we truly treasure it.