Wednesday, November 21


(Photos by Hassan Kinley

It's heart-warming when someone sees a tattered unkempt wall and thinks of us. We posted up in front of the disheveled beauty for some photos, along with cat-on-head man, and some bus goers. The streets of NYC are so entertaining.

Abigail finally got out of her ankle boots, and into some fire-hot PLVs, and Emily punked out her Edelman's with some seriously harmful spike-guards. Yes... she has accidentally kicked people.

Things that need to be addressed: the amazing "Super Karl" tee, and the ever-rad Rolling Stones cut-off... skull included is always a bonus.

Happy TEE-GIVING everyone ;)

Karl tee: Mua Mua
Black skinnies: Derek Lam
Red pumps: Pour La Victoire
Zipper collar: Sohung Designs
Hater blockers: Tom Ford
Rolling stones tee: Figuring out...
Leather pants: Helmut Lang
Boots: Sam Edelman
Spike-guards: St. Marks street
Hater blockers: Marc by Marc



  1. OMG that cat is amazing,lol. You two look so stylish together <3

    Trendy Feeling

  2. Oh My God, I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE the clothes!


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