Wednesday, April 25

Candy Land

(Photography by Matt Borowick

Normally, you'd assume the WanderLust Girls would be plotting and scheming with the evil Lord Licorice, but today they joined the delightfully delicious cast of Candy Land characters, as Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly, to save King Kandy and his castle.

Lolly awaits the search team to pass by her Lollipop Woods, so she can lure them in with candy.... no longer the sweet and innocent little cardboard cut out you once knew. (They grow up so fast.) Frostine seems cool and collected as she waits with her minions, on her Ice Cream Float in the Ice Cream Sea, for the King's return.

Okay, let's be honest... they are both waiting seductively for some hot rescue men to come in and save them in their time of distress. You would be upset too if Lord Licorice was getting his sticky hands all over your clothes!


Yellow dress: American Apparel
Tutu & Corset: SOTU

Monday, April 23

Tribeca Ball

Had a "ball" the other night at the NYAA Tribeca Ball. Obviously we stopped at every interactive art project, aka the hanging mask photo, and the frighteningly accurate caricature by Charlie Churchill. Remains of Abigail's pink hair, and two of our fav LBD's.

Strapless dress/cross necklace: LF
Corseted dress: AllSaints
Flower clutch: Karen Millen
Red lipstick: MAC


Saturday, April 21

Shoe Stalker

Spotted: Black on black harnessed stilettos... two of our favorite things combined. We would gladly be strapped into these for a few days.. and yes, that includes sleeping in them.


Friday, April 20

"Adventures in WanderLand"

(Photos by Jakob Layman

Chapter Three: In modern WanderLand, the tyrant known as the Queen of Hearts is much less of a threat. Her and the White Rabbit get along quite well, and even though their castle remains empty, they dress quite swell. Rabbit gave up her "waistcoat" for a skull covered corset, and the Queen has a head of jewels that could clear anyone's debt.

Just uptown from Dee and Dum, and lower ground from Alice and her Mad Hatter chum, these characters of WanderLand hardly cross paths, but the city is theirs, enter and feel their wrath.

Skull corset: Trash and Vaudeville
Bunny ears: Playboy
Leg warmers: LF stores
Crown and corset: SOTU
Black boots: Sam Edelman


Tuesday, April 17

Mua Mua

We're super smitten by these Mua Mua tee's. Anna vs. Godzilla, and Super Karl. It's almost embarrassing that we weren't aware of this line's existence before! We saw Mua Mua's designer/celeb dolls when visiting the X'Tige showroom, and immediately fawned over the rest of the collection.

Styling tips:
Home girl - pair it with little shorts or undies when snuggling at home
Summertime - pair it with shredded denim for an effortless downtown vibe
Casual chic - put this graphic under a nice black blazer and skinny pants


Monday, April 16

Shoe Stalker

Spotted: Studded masterpieces waiting for the excitement of Libertine's F/W 2012 show to begin... can't you tell? Speaking of Libertine... his shoes are being sold at Aldo now, and we highly suggest you go scope it out ;)


Friday, April 13


A WanderLust photo story. Up for interpretation. Tell us your take on it!

Emerald dress: H&M
Floral dress: Motel Rocks


Thursday, April 12


Toured the preview of L.A.M.B. bags, and instantly fell in lust with the enlarged houndstooth, and oversized details. We think it's time to invest in some designer back-packs. One of those situations where you put like 2 things inside and it looks deflated and emo, OR you put unnecessary objects inside... we'll do the latter.


Wednesday, April 11

Shoe Stalker

Spotted: An electric pair of pumps that you could spot from a mile away. We're lusting these neon highlighter pops of color, especially in a pointy pin-heel!


Tuesday, April 10

Isabella Fiore

We previewed the Isabella Fiore handbag collection, and actually died over these snakeskin bags. Who knew reptiles were so good at color-blocking. Two colors everyone is raving about: midnight blue, and burnt orange. Fiore's bags are intricate and unique. Lusting the shapes and patterns.


Monday, April 9

Shoe Stalker

Spotted: Simple black strap sandals, with an adorable mint green pedi! Combining mint and black is a killer combo for Spring.


Saturday, April 7

Cynthia Vincent

Swung by one of our favorite NYC showrooms, Cynthia Vincent! With light flooding in from their Bryant Park facing windows, we pulled pieces from the racks and hung them like an art piece on the wall. Our favorite trends seen above: tough greens with leather lining, rich velvets, shaggy fauxs, and the bold mix of blue and tangerine. Which set would you want in your wardrobe??


Thursday, April 5


(Photos by Matt Borrowick)

Crawling and climbing the alleys and rooftops of the Lower East Side always makes for interesting photos... and near death experiences. Adrenaline junkies? Maybe that's pushing it, but we felt ferocious and fearless in these Blue Plate tanks.


Monday, April 2

Shoe Stalker

Spotted: Shoes chic enough to be front row, but also rad enough to remind us of Rainbow Road. (Mario Kart anyone?!)