Wednesday, October 31


(Illustration by Carley Rudd)


This is WanderLust's top top Holiday. What we wouldn't do to be Tim Burton characters... BUT WAIT, thanks to illustrator Carley Rudd, we can be. We absolutely love that she captured us in one of our Fashion Week outfits, featuring Titania Inglis, k2o by Karen Ko, and Dawn Han.

Thank you Carley! You have such an incredible vision. Now, Emily is frantically trying to mimic that blue hair that you so perfectly created :)


Monday, October 29

Aeneas Eriking

Tulle - 
Lace - 
Asymmetry - 
Sheers - 
Black skyscraper heels - 

Well done Aeneas Eriking.


Saturday, October 27

Masquerade Wonderland

As masked guests perused the space at Lifestyle Trimco for the Masquerade Wonderland Soirée, they were transported to different eras, and enchanted lands. We were so honored to co-host with Ami Goodheart, and are always happy to be surrounded by her masterpieces!

We especially enjoyed the cotton candy shots... maybe too much..


Wednesday, October 24

The HallowScene

Come join The WanderLust Girls at:

"The HallowScene"

Thursday, October 25th @10pm
125 East 11th Street

Please say "WanderLust" at the door.

Open bar 10pm-11pm!

Costumes not required, but of course welcome :)


Tuesday, October 23

Shoe Fetish

(Photos by Hassan Kinley)

So, we can definitely check skinny dipping in a sea of shoes off our life bucket lists ;) 


Monday, October 22

Smart Buy

(Images from

Just found the site Smart Buy Glasses, and we are ecstatic. It has an enormous selection of both designer sunglasses and eyeglasses from over 150 brands. Sunnies you obsess over are up to 40% off... temptation. There is a pair to suit absolutely everyone's tastes, and what's more is that there's always free shipping and a free lens kit with every order.

They offer prescription lenses for our four-eyed friends which might make those who don't require eyeglasses jealous. Possibly every pair of chic, eye-catching sunnies and eyeglasses you could ever want are here. From Ray-Ban, to Gucci to Prada - they have it. So tempted to buy all four of the ones above :)


Friday, October 19

KIMBO Saints

(Photos by Spencer Kohn)

The crew. There's something very vigilante about KIMBO designs. Bold black and red color blocking, and shameless sheer. We claimed our territory in his pieces, some serious spikes, and fierce footwear. Even in a deserted parking lot, or graffiti covered streets, a strong message is sent from these ensembles.

Clothing: KIMBO
Jewelry: k2o by Karen Ko
Shoes: Grey City at Solestruck


Thursday, October 18

Shoe Stalker

Spotted: Python platforms! When you put those words together, about 99% of the time you're gonna have some seriously seductive shoes in your hands.


Tuesday, October 16

Grist Mill

Warming up to the cooler days :) Uncovered this Comptoir des Cotonniers wrap sweater from the closet that effortlessly stays in style year after year. Still wish everything was made with a hood. On another note, our new fav black skinnies: Garter + Derringer. The type of pants that look tight but feel loose... glorious.

Sweater: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Knit shirt: LF stores
Pants: Garter + Derringer
Studded boots: Sam Edelman
Black sweater: American Apparel
Leggings: HUE
Bag: Topshop


Sunday, October 14

Shoe Stalker

Spotted: Metal madness at threeASFOUR. Completely obsessed with these futuristic kicks. Any metal shoe seems necessary in the WanderLust closet!


Friday, October 12

Dawn Levy

We thought we were planning ahead when we tried on these amazing Dawn Levy Winter Jackets, but in the matter of like, a day, it was cold enough to actually wear them. We happened upon a balcony with a lonely sun umbrella, a secret Grecian cove, and a street view.. rare in New York City. Just goes to show that Levy's jackets are perfect in any backdrop. Lots of aliases came out in these pieces... a sexy Muppet, a leather ninja, a Jedi Knight. May the force be with you.

Emily's shoes: Sixty Seven
Abigail's shoes: Topshop
Spider necklace: Aldo


Wednesday, October 10

Shoe Stalker

Spotted: Olivia Palermo rocking sexy studded Valentino's that we MUST own, as should everyone else... what do you think?


Tuesday, October 9


We were so stoked when asked to work with Timberland... it brought us back to our construction boot stage, oh the 90's :) These boots were way different! They added some style, some swag, and to be honest, it's first time we weren't actually freezing, maybe there is something to this whole "dressing for the weather" thing. We loved mixing our edgy dark style to these boots! 

You can tell they were crafted with an eye for detail, designed for comfort, versatility, and protection outdoors (something we wouldn't normally have in mind, but Timberland has sparked an interesting "practical" concept in our WanderLust brains.) We'd be prepared for any environment in these babies :) 

Such a fun day on set, with a great team! How do you all think we did styling these boots? 

Cape: Zara
Turquoise denim: Raven denim
Gray hooded top: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Leggings: Dawn Han

Leather jacket: Playboy
Black pants: Garter + Derringer
Red jacket:  Vintage 

The Timberland Women’s collection—crafted with an eye for detail, designed for comfort, versatility, and protection outdoors, and made with the environment in mind.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Timberland via Glam Media.
The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not
indicative of the opinions or positions of Timberland.