Friday, March 1


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As most of you know, or may have noticed, we are slightly obsessed with changing our hair to all sorts of those wonderful Springtime colors. We haven't mastered the half and half yet, but it's coming ;). Regardless, we got inspired by all of our pastel Pinterest pins and decided to seek out some reasonably priced clothing for some spring digs to match! Target was stock piled... so we went a bit crazy!

Sheers have continued their way into wardrobes from last Spring to the warmer months (that cannot come fast enough!) We absolutely need the beautiful blue sheer dress, and multitude of sheer colored tanks (some even with our favorite mullet crop!) They're so light and perfect for a warm night out, or just over a bathing suit at the beach, which we swear we'll be going to this year!! We even found some cute pastel bikinis to bask in, studs included! Although, they get quite hot when you're in the sun all day... but beauty is pain.. 

Of course, we'll be sporting an array of bralets and bandeaus under our tanks, specifically lusting lace this season! Anyone else? Either way they're really great on those extra hot days, and when it gets a little bit chillier at night you can grab a light weight sweater like the yellow one pictured above, or the latest obsession pastel colored denim jackets!! Quite fitting for pastel colored hair... coming from girls who wear all black- we're out on a limb here with the color craze!

But, who cares, it's time for Springtime! Who else is ready??

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  1. I want to pastel-up my hair so badly but am terrified of the reprocussions of being mean to my naturally brunette hair, haha.



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