Wednesday, April 24

Etienne Aigner

We've been to this press preview before, and we'll keep going until the end of time. They didn't have to woo us with their Pinterest-worthy berry tarts, or their homemade juices and champagne, to convince us this collection is stunning, but that's not something we complain about.  ;)

Etienne Aigner tops itself season after season, amping up their ready-to-wear, and progressively perfecting their classic handbags. A harmonious collection of jewel-tones was split into two racks. One was stacked with punchy purples and camel-tones, and the other lined with luscious forrest greens and navys. Immediately fell in lust with that leather top... excellent belt usage as well. Touché.

The belt brings us to our next crush, EA's dalmatian-print stones. This print is coming in strong for 2013, and we approve. Aigner gets our award for true "laid-back luxury."


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