Tuesday, November 5

While night's black agents to their preys do rouse.

Emily started as Storm, from X-Men, and then panicked and smeared black on her eyelids, because she feels weird without it. Back to cat. (Plus you really can't look like Storm without pulling a 'Julianne Hough.' I love saying that.) Abigail was looking for anything in the apartment, and resulted as "Batman takes a nap"... aka a girl wearing a Batman tank and Batman underwear.

We kicked off Halloween night with some deeeeelicious new Vanilla Cinnamon Baileys, which we grew so fond of at the Baileys event. It was a rich and tasty beginning to a sugar-filled (and booze filled) evening. We hung out with our girlfriends in the LES (the Lower East Side of Manhattan), before taking on NeueHouse, Rose Bar, and several East Village spots we don't really recall, aside from the ever-evidential photobooth strip from a gay bar. Proof of a good time. Cheers to Bex NYC's cat ears for playing both cat, and bat roles during the night.

Genius of the eve: Melina's artistic take on a bat headpiece, made out of a busted umbrella. Unreal.

"Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon. Stay Stylish. Drink Responsibly."

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  1. Yummm Vanilla Baileys sounds great. Love the costumes :)


  2. Great post <3



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