Tuesday, July 29

follow rivers

See maybe I’m too quiet for you
You’ve probably never noticed me
But if you’re too big to follow rivers
How you ever gonna find the sea?
-Emeli Sandé


Monday, July 28

the summer beneath the trees

The mission of our trip was to go somewhere we've never been, and find a rope swing. It was Emily's big idea... and I blame The Notebook. After a ridiculous feat of swimming against the current, climbing through spiderwebs and slipping on mudslides, Emily stood quivering with the rope and claiming her stomach hurt. After a few Noah Calhoun quotes ("GET IN THE WATER! I'm sorry, get in the water, woman! Get in the water! No I'm sorry baby, please just get in. GET IN THE WATER!"), Emily let go of her inhibitions, and... slipped and smashed into the water. Aah finally, it was ALL worth it.


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Friday, July 25

Tequila Cowboy

Spent our first night honkey tonk hopping in downtown Nashville. (Sorry the photos are semi blurry, but so were we.) 

Things we've learned and questioned: 
We desperately need cowboy boots & hats. 
Drinks are much stronger here.
Do cowboys like us?
Chivalry rules.
What if we were country singers...?

@WanderLustGirls #BloggerRoadTrip #NYCtoNashville 

Thursday, July 24

Wheel in the Sky

The many skies on our way to Radford, VA. Next stop, Nashville! 

@WanderLustGirls #BloggerRoadTrip #NYCtoNashville 

Tuesday, July 22

Canine Catwalk

Dresses, Hale Bob. Hair, Michael Livsey. Make-up, Dominique Aro.

It's not, not fun spending all day getting your hair and make-up done surrounded by puppies. Truly an honor supporting such a great cause as North Shore Animal League. We're happy to say we raised a lot of money, and many homes were found for the dogs and cats that evening! 

We did, however, spend the majority of our down time testing out the Smartender. If you want your mind blown head to our Instagram to check out the video of the machine in action. We're still amazed. 


Monday, July 21

nyc --> nashville

Thanks to a suggestion from one of our Facebook readers, we have selected NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE for our next #BloggerRoadTrip! Be sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter for fun updates and photos.

nyc - - > nashville


Thursday, July 17

Prop Styling

WanderLust isn't all about wardrobe, we're also about setting the scene. With a blend of Feng Shui, moderate-to-high OCD, and the constant urge to "set the mood", we'll take on any prop styling project. Photos above are behind the scenes of a Winter baby clothing campaign.