Friday, April 18

Good Friday? Good Guy? Good Gift!

Take it from two fashionable ladies, a woman's heart flutters when she sees a man has "shoe game." Heard of it? All a man has to do is swap his laces, pimp out his sock drawer, and occasionally do the courtesy cuff. If you're looking to gift your guy, whether it be Easter, Fathers Day, a birthday, or Fourth of July (check out those star socks), Hook + Albert has you covered. Our tip is: don't perfectly match the lace and sock. #ShoeGame


Wednesday, April 16

April Showers ☂

Being unpleasantly drenched yesterday traipsing around Manhattan made us realize this: our shitty street-vendor umbrellas are garbage, and it's time to buy a real umbrella. This sparked a fun search, and resulted in the follow favorites:

In honor of this ode to April Showers, Emily has created the most ridiculously awesome montage of abandoned umbrellas in New York (that sometimes resemble decepticons)… do enjoy:


Monday, April 14

Son Jung Wan + SILK

Son Jung Wan's runway shows always blow us away, so it was no question we'd love the press preview. Sure we came in our downtown duds, but we were swept away by those yellow and blue pleated dressed (styled with leather and metal of course.) Also swooning over that muppet-like fur, and bronze SILK jacket.


Wednesday, April 9

A Volcom Summer

Perusing the Summer and swimwear collection of Volcom was quite exciting. We got amped up for all sorts of random beachy adventures from Coney Island all the way down to Miami Swim Week. Really feeling the denim overalls, "eff yea" slippers, and of course their new bikinis. Anyone want to stand out on the beach on the "ANTI BAD VIBE SHIELD" towel?!


Monday, April 7

Roof Mobsters

(Photos by Ryan Albahary & Colin Jacques)

(On Abigail - Fur, Aqua. On Emily - Fur, Vintage.) 

What we think roof mobsters would do (apparently): Chain smoke on the rooftop, wear giant fur jackets and no clothes under them, which you can't really tell in these photos, but it's necessary to know, and finally wear badass hats and dark red lipstick. Of course, this is all while looking out on the city they mob in?

I think we're a little confused by this whole concept... but for the sake of saving face, we LOOK like we COULD be mobsters... of our own roof. Just go with it.


Friday, April 4

Studio Play

(Photos by Spencer Kohn)

Some final shots from our day of fun at Spencer's studio. Feeling kind of French in these outfits.. femme and androgyny at it's best. An ode to black and white, behind the scenes equipment, and being young and wild and free ;)


Wednesday, April 2

Thom Browne

Thoroughly impressed by Thom Browne's latest collection. We tried on just about everything at his trunk show, and may have possibly tried to escape with the 24 karat gold handbag. Yes, we mean a handbag literally dipped in 24 karat gold. #dolladollabillsyall. We hope to be decked in these looks very soon.


Tuesday, April 1

Stud of the Month


What's your favorite thing about your home town? Or favorite place in your hometown?

My favorite part of my hometown is probably the sky, the stars are bigger and brighter in Idaho. Also just the Outdoors aspect of being from here. Mountains, lakes, and rivers are at your fingertips.

What hair products do you use?

Bumble and Bumble.

Best concert you've ever been to?

I worked at a music venue in Seattle for years bar tending. It was a place where bands that were on their way to making it big played. From rock, metal, hiphop, to reggae I was able to see some really inspiring acts while shoving a few dollars in my pockets.

Which one is your favorite Macklemore outfit and how long did it take to make?

They are all favorites. I'd have to say the most rewarding part of working with M&RL was to be able to be a part of them really making it over the last year. Working with them from the early stages to standing next to Madonna and Paul McCartney at the Grammy Awards. Each outfit takes about a week to complete but often happens in a 3 day time frame.

What do you do to stay in shape?

I ride my bike all over Manhattan.

If you wrote a book what would it be called?

What happened to Logan C. Neitzel?

If you could hang out with any fictional character who would it be?

Tyler Durden.

Favorite tv show past or present?

I can't say I have a favorite TV show since I haven't owned a TV in 12 years. I've never been big on TV.

Weirdest thing that's ever happened at work?

I found what I'd like to believe is a "Cold Case" in my fireplace while remodeling. Evidence that lead me to believe that a Murder happened inside of my space somewhere between 1920 - 1930. Frank T. Rozek lost all forms of identity behind my fireplace including his, license, birth certificate, certificate of baptism, seeing eye glasses, and a letter of recommendation. Accompanying these items was a bullet hole, a rusty old straight razor, and some bones.

Would you ever wear google glasses?

I'm sure in some form in the future I'll wear google glasses. After they come out with styling that doesn't make you look like a cyborg.

What would you rather see a man with a beard of bees or a chicken that plays tic tac toe?

A chicken.

What's the nerdiest thing about you?

I'm a researcher. I love to know about every aspect of something that I'm buying or working with.

Coffee or tea?


Halloween or Christmas?


Will Farrell or Jim Carrey?

Will Farrell.

Spring or fall?

Can't I have both?

Sour patch kids or Reese's peanut butter cups?




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